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Cossor were a major manufacturer but came late to Radio
Although they produced valves from the earliest days they didn't really get involved in Radio manufacture  until the late 1920's with the 1927 Melody Maker.

This site is mostly about Domestic Radio and Radio Kits Cossor were especially known for the Melody Maker, this title was used from the earlist kits in 1927 to the mid 1950's on kit sets and budget sets never let it be said that Cossor wasted any residual loyalty to the brand.

Below we see a model 494 on the Cossor Stand at Radiolympia 1949 and also on the stand is the 1927 Melody Maker kit set.
The Sales team seem to have wanted to show the continuity and development of the Melody Maker .

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Cossors Boast in 1935 that their sets were built in the Empires largest self Contained Radio Factory.

This Picture is from a 1935 Edition of the Cossor Courier but the picture bottom left was also shown in the Courier a year earlier

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The Picture on the left shows production of Radios in 1934

It looks as if production line in the foreground could be this model the 435B.

In 1934 Cossor claimed to have 5 self contained factories.

Cossor at this time made all of their own parts including Valves, loudspeakers coils and cabinets

Pre War

Cossor originaly manufactures Scientific glassware but is but was from the very early days was involved in Cathode Ray Tubes and Thermionic Vacuum Tubes.

1937 Receivers for the Chain Home primary radar system, the world's first radar air defence system, are built by Cossor.

War time and just post war

Cossor moves its Valve and tube production in 1945 to a Wholely owned subsiduary Electronic Tubes Ltd (ETEL)

Philips takes over

Cossor disposed of it's Radio and TV buisiness to Philips in 1958 having already dispossed of its remaining interests in ETEL around 1956.

After the Philips take over all of the Cossor model numbers start CR or CT (T for Television)  followed by 4 digits with an optional Letter after the number